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Customer reviewsCustomer reviews play a vital role in the running of The Riverside Natural Health Centre. As well as taking pleasure from reading our customer reviews, and that our customers are happy with our services. We take all customer feedback on-board to try and better our customer experience. This page is to give our online visitors an insight into what our previous customers have to say about their own experience. Read reviews about specific treatments, our customer service, and the overall service we provide. The Riverside Natural Health Centre think it is important to give customers the opportunity to write a review and share their experience after using any of the services provided at The Riverside Natural Health Centre. We appreciate all our customers who take the time to review our services.

When leaving a review, please try and highlight your treatment and the level of customer service you received. Readers of your review are seeking accurate descriptions of what to expect and this is where you can really shine. A good review should tell the story about your own personal experience, but remember, the most important part of writing a good review is being honest.

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The company
Treatment Reviewed: Reflexology & Accupunture

I have been attending Riverside for over two years. I was diagnosed with ME Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The chronic pain throughout my whole body is somewhat unbearable, at times reducing me to tears too. I sleep for roughly 2/3 hrs a night and am unable to return to a deep sleep, therefore drowsy most of the day. Riverside has helped me enormously, I have weekly sessions of Reflexology as well as weekly sessions of Acupuncture which is a massive help for my wellness. The staff are incredibly helpful and their knowledge of your health problems are second to none, always researching and advising on how you can apply your mind to thinking positively and other natural alternative medicines and dietary requirements you may want to apply to help you manage your illness. On that note I want to say a massive Thank you to Sarah, Nigel (acupuncture) and Sue (Reflexology) and Sue Hayes for helping me through this awful debilitating illness. Sally.

Excellent service!
Treatment Reviewed: Reception service

I would like to pass on my appreciation of the personal and helpful service provided by Sue at Riverside, when I am arranging appointments and room bookings at the centre. She is always so thoughtful and flexible both to me and to my client.

by Charles Harbey on Riverside Natural Health Centre
Happy with their service
Treatment Reviewed: Sport Massage

I was informed by my doctor that sport massage may help with the pain in my leg. Having noticed the large banner on Trent Bridge, I decided to ring Riverside to see if they could help me. I didn't really know what sports massage was (I thought it was for sports people) but thought I'd try it. Now having had two appointments with their sports massage therapist. I'm pleased to say that it has helped reduce the pain in my leg. I am happy with the service I received and will more than likely be visiting again to see if they can further reduce the pain.

Treatment Reviewed: Fertility Acupuncture

I was wondering if you could pass on a message to Toni for me?We just wanted to say a massive thank you to Toni for her work on improving our fertility as I am now 14 weeks pregnant! Sorry we haven't been in touch sooner but we wanted to get past the 12 week mark. We only had 2 sessions but I am sure it must have helped contribute to us getting pregnant after 2 years of trying with little success!Thank you so much

Great treatment
Treatment Reviewed: Acupuncture

After suffering with debilitating hot flushes (4-6 an hour) and sleepless nights,I thought I would try acupuncture, I had tried everything else, herbal, diet, exercise to name a few. After just 3 visits to the clinic my life had been transformed into something near normal, with hot flushes now at 4-6 a day (and nowhere near as intense) at the most, and my sleep quality is much improved. If like me you are struggling with the menopause give it a go. Thank you Sarah you have changed my life.

Fantastic Massage
Treatment Reviewed: Therapeutic Massage

I feel that after using your services, your professional service deserves a review. Having felt down and stressed for the past few months, for a number of reasons. I thought I would try a therapeutic massage to try an alleviate some of the stress. I came across your website while searching in Google. Having booked in with your massage therapist, Ann. I am so pleased I did. Ann provided a fantastic therapeutic massage which really did make me feel a lot less stressed. I would appreciate it if you could pass on many thanks to Ann. I will most certainly be visiting again. Thanks again!

Very effective treatment
Treatment Reviewed: Sport Massage

Having had a work related back injury for the last two years. I had started to endure very bad backache. After doing some research about backache, I found that Sport massage may be able to reduce the aches & pains. I decided to book a treatment at the riverside natural health centre ( I booked with Doug Wroe ). How glad I am. As I noticed a difference after the first treatment, I thought maybe another treatment would benefit me. After having three treatments with Doug Wroe, my aches & pains have practically gone. I would recommend this treatment to others, and also the riverside natural health centre. Happy customer.

enjoyed my visit
Treatment Reviewed: Sports Remedial Massage

Such a friendly and professional environment. I would definitely recommend. This was my first visit here and first time I have ever had a sports massage which I thoroughly enjoyed and felt this helped me with my expectations of what I needed to help with my back. Looking forward to my next treatment here.

Best Ever Massage
Treatment Reviewed: Sports Massage

Lovely facilities but most importantly excellent treatment, best I've ever had!

My Pain is Easing
Treatment Reviewed: Acupuncture

Hello. Since having a fall and injuring my back 12 months ago. I have been experiencing sporadic, excruciating pain for the best part of the last six months. Having visited the doctor and trying strong painkillers, I was advised that acupuncture may be able help. Although I have always been a bit of a sceptic, I was in that much pain I thought I may as well give it a go. Let's just say that I am no longer a sceptic. Although I do still feel a very slight pain from time to time. Since visiting your health centre, I have benefitted greatly from my visits. I would highly recommend Tony, she has really helped with my suffering. Cheers.

Relaxing and Rewarding
Treatment Reviewed: Aromatherapy Massage

After being recommended by a friend, I visited the riverside natural health centre to try an aromatherapy massage. It was something that I've wanted to try for a while. I'm glad I did, as I've never felt as relaxed as I did after my massage. Overall It was a pleasant and rewarding experience. Although my visit was more of a leisurely visit, I found the health centre to be very clean, tidy, and very helpful in all areas. I highly recommend the riverside natural health centre in Nottingham. I will certainly be visiting you again. Thanks, Helen

I Highly Recommend The Riverside
Treatment Reviewed: Massage

Sue impressed me with her efficient, professional manner and approach and I would highly recommend the Riverside for an effective solution for complimentary Health needs. My own treatment for a neck problem was dealt with by the therapist in a very caring manner.

Acupuncture first degree
Treatment Reviewed: Acupuncture

Your acupuncturist just blew me away… she's the first degree qualified acupuncturist I've ever met. Her approach was even better than anything I could have hoped for. I will be in touch with you again in the future.

Relaxed from the first session
Treatment Reviewed: Fertility Acupuncture

We had been trying to get pregnant for 4 1/2 years. I had Fertility Acupuncture with Toni for 8 sessions. This was to complement my IVF treatment and it worked! I'm so happy! Toni is professional, friendly and made me feel relaxed from the first session. I would highly recommend The Riverside Natural Health Centre for Fertility Acupuncture in Nottingham.

Sports Massage is Money Well Spent
Treatment Reviewed: Sports Massage

I had the sports massage and it was definitely money well spent. Bernadette was lovely and I was amazed at just how much she could tell about my lifestyle just by the state of my muscles. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would definitely recommend it.Thank you! Gemma

Conveived after 2 years trying
Treatment Reviewed: Fertility Acupuncture

I have been trying to conceive for 2 years. I had severe endometriosis which caused adhesions and an ovarian cyst. Even though the endometriosis was treated, I was unable to conceive.I started my acupuncture sessions with Toni Cooper, she gave me an idea about what was happening with my body using the temperature charts. She helped me understand the process of IVF and gave me confidence that acupuncture increases chances. I did feel the sessions were hitting my budget but trust me it was all worth it. When I finished about 4 sessions with Toni, I was surprised and shocked to know that I was pregnant. I can't thank Toni enough for being such a wonderful acupuncturist. I will definitely recommend you to my friends Toni.

Customer service is second to none
Treatment Reviewed: Customer Service

I'm so glad that I found the Riverside, their customer service is second to none. I emailed them with a question and I received an answer almost immediately from a lady called Sue. She was so helpful, I emailed her a few times and she was always there offering advice and support. The Riverside have changed my life and I cannot thank Sue, Michelle, Toni and Bernadette enough they gave me so much of their time.

Rarely experience any new pain after my treatment
Treatment Reviewed: Acupuncture

I was suffering quite badly with referred pain in my knee from an arthritic hip and after trying numerous medications, both homeopathic and pharmaceutical, a friend suggested acupuncture having had a successful experience herself, albeit with a different complaint. I chose Riverside Natural Health Centre for no other reason other than it was easy to get to, and that my first telephone contact was encouraging, empathetic and concerned. I was not disappointed on either count. After only several sessions, the pain had receded to a level which was at worst a mere irritant and often at best disappeared entirely. Several weeks on, I remain much improved to the point where I rarely experience any knee pain at all. Natural Health Centre is as the website describes an oasis of calm and my Friday afternoon sessions became a very pleasant way to end the working week. I've no hesitation in recommending both acupuncture as a pain relief treatment and the Riverside as a practice at which to receive it.

Results accredited by my specialist
Treatment Reviewed: Acupuncture

My Specialist has credited the results of my laparoscopy to my having had acupuncture.

It started with one simple email asking for information on how acupuncture could help me control endometriosis. Little did I know how amazing it would prove to be!!

I was diagnosed in 2009 and over the next 3 years had 2 further surgeries and confirmed my worst fears - it was getting worse! It was 18 months later when I knew my symptoms were returning and doctors weren't listening to me that I decided to take control and investigate my other options. 18 sessions and 12 months on I was taken in for my
4th laparoscopy with incredibly surprising results - there was no endometriosis! And cysts had burst!, and I have very little scar tissue!

The team at Riverside have been truly amazing - they listen to me, treat what's there, alongside the symptoms (bloating, tiredness and pain), I consider the team friends and are always there for a good natter! Not only am I a convert to acupuncture, I've also had hypnotherapy and now currently seeing Katherine, Herbalist and GAPs Practitioner.

This is a lifestyle choice, one that's so simple and one that
reinstates hope and a quality of life I can't imagine my life without!

Thanks Sue and the amazing team at Riverside

I stopped smoking with hypnotherapy
Treatment Reviewed: Hypnotherapy

The treatment is working a treat – I've not had a cigarette or craving and it'll be 3 weeks tomorrow. Not only do I feel healthier already and I no longer smell of stale smoke, but by tomorrow (based on the number of cigarettes I was smoking and the cost per packet)

I'll have already saved the cost of my investment in the hypnosis treatment…so my wallet is better off too

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