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We are a Natural Health Clinic hub in Nottingham. We provide a wide range of complementary therapies that assist with your physical and mental well-being. A group of therapists with extensive knowledge in their respective fields of practice, offer help to people like yourself who are looking for a more natural approach timprove well-being. Our treatments can be used to help with a range of physical or psychological problems. Read how we helped Nicola, who  was so pleased, she wanted to share her thoughts.

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“I was drawn to the Riverside after I felt tired and worn out due to a complicated life. Looking for a natural solution to combat my feeling of being worn out. I liked the positive feedback I had read about Riverside and what people had said, so I made an appointment. When I walked through the door I knew I’d made the right decision”  Nicola


Read more about Riverside Natural Health CentreWho are we?

We are a group of therapists who have faced and dealt with our own difficulties in life. “We all used various complementary therapies to help us and were pleasantly surprised (yes surprised) with the results we got from them”. In fact, we were so impressed by the results that each one of us went on to train and practice in our own therapies because we wanted others to be able to benefit from them as we did.

My name is Sue Hayes, and when I opened the centre in 2012, I did so with the belief that complementary therapies would help my community improve yheir overall well-being. In recent years I’m pleased to report that therapies have grown in interest and their use. They can be used alongsdie primary care treatments or on their own. This however, depends on the nature of the health problem.

Why are we different?

As far as we know, Riverside Natural Health Centre has a completely different approach of working in comparison with other natural health clinics and centres. Although each therapist works independently, we also workin a  collective role. We combine our skills and knowledge so that you get the most benefit from the treatments. Sometimes treatments can take a little longer than one session, so we have created treatment packages that are designed to give your body the boost it needs to excel its healing capability. You will also benefit from the packages as they help to reduce the cost of treatment.

How we provide our treatments for you?

Because Riverside Natural Health Centre has a combined knowledge and expertise in the natural health field we can put together a treatment/therapy plan that provides a holistic  as well as an integrated approach to treating your particular circumstance.  We are now able to provide wellperson checks where a nurse can take blood samples which are then processed at a lab that we work with. We even provide beneficial treatment packages because not everything presented can be treated with one treatment.

When we do something we do it well

Therapies available 9.30 to 19.00 Monday to Friday. 9.00 to 16.00 Saturdays.
Appointments can be arranged outside these times to fit in with your busy schedule.
Need an answer? An education & support service is available 7 days a week.
Read what others say about The Riverside on our customer reviews page.
If you have a health care policy, necessary treatments may be listed. Check your policy, or call us today.

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Riverside Natural Health Centre Nottingham. Helping you live life well.