Alternative Therapies for Pain Relief


Reducing Pain with Alternative Therapies

alternative therapies for pain relief in NottinghamThere is a list of alternative therapies for pain relief. Prescribed medication is not the only answer, and probably not the best solution. Using alternative therapies for pain relief is a natural way to reduce pain. Keeping your mind open to other options can be very beneficial. People often say to me that they would never have thought of trying alternative forms of pain management, other than medication. There are hidden dangers to closing your mind to the potential benefits of non-medical based practices. You could be missing out on finding something that potentially can give you your life and better freedom of movement back.


A List of Alternative Therapies for Pain Relief

Acupuncture, Sports and Remedial Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage  – All these therapies are capable of reducing pain the natural way.

Living with pain can affect your whole being. It can lead to depression, anger and tiredness if you are unable to get any relief from it. Medical science is usually the first place to turn for help. Yet there are other forms of treatment for pain relief.

Riverside Natural Health Centre Can Help with Pain Relief

At the Riverside Natural Health Centre, we understand the way you feel. We too, can sometimes feel frustrated. Natural therapies and treatments have helped and are continuing to help millions of people around the globe in all sorts of ways.

Sports Remedial Massage Therapists undergo intensive training and are trained in Anatomy and Physiology. All well trained therapists have a good understanding of how the body works.

They can look and find the area where the pain is coming from. A headache can be caused by something that is happening in your neck even though you feel the pain in your head.

Acupuncture practitioners are highly trained to work with the energies in your body. They can help release blockages in the body and improve blood flow and good energy.

Your body has the ability to naturally heal itself. It has been designed to do this. However, external factors such as the food we eat and the stressful lives we lead can have a negative effect on your body’s ability to heal.

Science is unable to accurately measure how these and other treatments work. The reason for this is that there are too many variable factors involved. For instance, two people can present with the same issue but lead very different lifestyles. One person may see a significant benefit using a therapy whereas another feels less benefit.

This doesn’t mean the treatment doesn’t work. It can simply mean that your body isn’t responding to the treatment as well as the other person. It also doesn’t mean that if you tried the same treatment again at a later time you’d get the same result.

Your body is constantly changing. Keeping an open mind of how you can help your body stay well can benefit you in the long term. No-one wants to be ill and no-one wants to be in pain. It may well be that a number of therapies can help you to reduce pain and improve your overall health. The Riverside Natural Health Centre offer a free assessment to discuss the available options for treatment with you.


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