Aromatherapy Massage Nottingham

Aromatherapy Massage Nottingham


Massage Therapy Using Essential Oils

Aromatherapy massage Nottingham is a massage therapy that uses essential oils with each oil offering different healing properties. Aromatherapy Massage is a beautiful massage experience, as you can inhale the fragrant blended oils which the aroma therapist applies when massaging your body.

Aromatherapists usually blend their own fragrant oils together, that are extracted from herbs, flowers and fruits. Pre-blended oils are more widely used and are available to therapists who are not fully qualified to mix their own blends.These pre blended oils are still very beneficial and work very well to compliment your massage.

Blended oils help to create calm, reduce stress, reduce muscle tension and can also help you to feel more energised.

For a facial massage, Michael may use a blend that contains either or both rose and frankincense, as they complement each other and induce a sense of calm and relaxation.

Aromatherapy Massage NottinghamAromatherapy Massage Nottingham

Aromatherapists use essential oils for body massage to create a feeling of relaxation. Blends that contain Sandalwood are especially popular for male customers as they have a less flowery fragrance. Blends that contain ylang ylang and citrus oils such as lemon, are used if you are looking for a more uplifting and energetic treatment.

A blend with Rosemary in it, can give a lift to tired and aching limbs but this blend should not be used if you have certain health conditions which your aroma therapist will explain in your consultation.

Book aromatherapy massage Nottingham with Sharon or Michael, both are experienced and professional massage therapists who provide a range of massage treatments including aromatherapy massage.

Their aim is to ensure that you receive a tailored treatment that suits your particular health conditions, as well as your expectations of what an aromatherapy massage provides.

When you book a appointment for aromatherapy massage Nottingham, let our receptionist know what you want to achieve from your massage. Your therapist can then prepare the correct blended aromatherapy oils that will help to achieve the result you are looking for, relaxed, less stressed, uplifted or energised.

Aromatherapy Massage £45, 60 minute treatment
Experienced Aromatherapists , Sharon Cooper and Michael Bond
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