Fertility Acupuncture Price List

Fertility Acupuncture Price List


Prices for Fertility Acupuncture in Nottingham

Fertility Acupuncture Price List

Natural Infertility Acupuncture Non Assisted IVF Package.
A two to three month course of acupuncture treatments to assist cycle regulation may be required. This will assist in the following areas:- reduce any pain, improve and regulate blood flow to the uterus, reduce breast tenderness and any accompanying PMT symptoms.

Basal temperature charts (BBT) recommended blood and thyroid checks as well as advice on diet and supplements are also discussed. Lifestyle changes, exercise, techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety are also integral parts of fertility acupuncture treatments at the Riverside.


Fertility Acupuncture

Acupuncture for Female Infertility – Natural, IUI and IVF
First Appointment; Includes full consultation and acupuncture treatment, 90 minutes £60
Follow up Appointments; 60 minutes £45

Please Note: Other options are available for IVF Assisted Acupuncture. This will be discussed in more depth at your first appointment.

Natural Acupuncture for Male Infertility

First Appointment: 60 minutes £45
Follow up Appointments: 1 hour £45. 30 minutes £25

Acupuncture can be used with any type of IVF procedure, we commonly use acupuncture with IVF and ICSI, frozen embryo transfers, donor egg cycles and natural IVF cycles, as well as IUI.
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