Indian Head Massage Nottingham

Indian Head Massage Nottingham


Massage of the Head

Indian Head Massage Nottingham is a relaxing therapy based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system and Chakra balancing. Indian head massage has been used for 1000s of years as an effective therapy to relieve stress symptoms and aches and pains without the need for oil. Massage of the scalp, face, neck and shoulders soothes, comforts and rebalances have a necessary purpose for providing all round well-being as well as helping to reduce and relieve the symptoms of stress.  Riverside makes it easy to book a appointment for Indian Head Massage Nottingham. Our experienced Nottingham massage therapists offer Indian head massage along side a number of massage therapies to help improve health and well-being.

Massage is now building a body of clinical evidence to support its use in the healthcare arena with guidelines published by the National Institute for Clinical Evidence (NICE).

Indian Head Massage NottinghamIndian Head Massage Nottingham

Indian head massage is a massage of the head, scalp, face, neck, shoulders and upper back area. This therapy helps comfort and rebalance these areas of your body.

Indian head massage Nottingham lasts approximately 30 -45 minutes. Your therapy begins with a consultation which helps your therapist decide if the massage is suitable for you.

You’ll be invited to take a seat and relax in a low backed chair. Oils are optional for this treatment. If you prefer the massage to take place whilst you remain fully clothed then usually the massage is provided without oils.

Using massage techniques, your therapist will gently massage your head, neck and shoulders to release stress and tension which is often stored in these areas. Indian head massage Nottingham is a therapy that will make you feel very relaxed, and sometimes make you feel a little light headed, so it is advisable to drink plenty of water to help your body flush out the toxins.

The benefits of an Indian head massage Nottingham are: relief from stress, anxiety and tension, feelings of deep relaxation, improved mood, improved sleep and a general sense of health and well-being.

Nottingham Massage Therapists who provide Indian Head Massage Nottingham at the riverside Natural Health Centre are members of:

Complementary Therapists Association (CTha) Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) National Association of Massage & Manipulative Therapists (NAMMT) Association of Beauty Therapists (ABT)

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