Natural Health Treatments for Depression

Natural Health Treatments for Depression


Treat Depression Naturally

Natural Health Treatments for Depression! We all go through spells of feeling down, but being depressed can sometimes make you feel helpless. You’re not. Treating depression doesn’t have to mean days fueled by pills & medication. Although these methods have proved to be effective for some, many people now prefer to treat depression with natural health treatments. The Riverside Natural Health Centre in Nottingham offer a number of Natural Health Treatments for Depression as listed below.



Depression is often the result of experiencing life difficulties, e.g. breakdown of relationship, loss of job, physical illness, or bullying. This condition is experienced by many as having low moods; negative thoughts, eating and sleeping patterns can be affected; resulting in low energy and concentration levels. You may find being with  others difficult and this can increase your sense of isolation.Counselling can help you to understand your depression and look at alternative possibilities for changing your thought  processing and moving towards taking control of life choices and achieving personal goals.

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Often with depression, the food you consume can play a part in how you feel. Making changes to your diet and looking where there may be some chemical imbalances such as hormone imbalance, vitamins and minerals can help to lift depression.

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Remedial Massage

Suppressed tension can often be stored in the body’s tissue and affect the muscular system. Working the soft tissue to release negative stress and tension can help to lift your mood and give pain relief and so bring a sense of relief and wellbeing.

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Depression can be a state of mind or a chemical imbalance. Hypnotherapy can help address the causes by working with the subconscious mind to help release negative emotions and negative thought patterns and exchange them for a healthier more positive outlook.

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Working on the hormonal areas mapped on your feet can help to balance and address any imbalances and so help to lift depression.

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Acupuncture combined with traditional Chinese massage techniques can help to restore sleep and calm the mind as the time when you are feeling weighed down and exhausted. Advice is also given on mindfulness exercises to complement the treatment.

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