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Online Counselling Nottingham has many advantages. In recent years the need for online counselling has been growing in popularity. Now we find ourselves living through a coronavirus pandemic. Online counselling has become the predominant counselling service due to self-isolation and social distancing. Speaking with a counsellor online is a service that can help you to have a better understanding of what’s happening to you and find a way forward.
Medical intervention when we need help for our physical wellbeing is something we all take for granted.

When we need help with our emotional state of mind, we are not so open to the counselling intervention that is so valuable and beneficial. This is rapidly changing as we learn to understand that our mental wellbeing is just as important as our physical wellbeing.
With the current coronavirus situation, you may be feeling particularly anxious and lonely. You are not alone, and our online counselling service can help with a number of issues including bereavement, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, low moods, relationship issues, physical abuse, emotional abuse, trauma and conflict. Whatever the reason, online counselling is a service that can help you to have a better understanding of what’s happening to you and find a way forward.


3 Advantages of Online Counselling Services.



For individuals who live in remote areas where there is no face to face counselling service available. Those who have physical disabilities or are unable to leave their home can very easily access online counselling in the comfort of their own home. Young people may also find online counselling of particular value. Accessing the internet for this type of counselling may feel more comfortable. Accessing the internet service to email a counsellor before your counselling session takes place can help to reduce any anxiety.


Online counselling therapy is very convenient for both the counsellor and their client.
A suitable and convenient time can be agreed by both in the comfort of the counsellor and the client homes.

Online counselling is also a great opportunity for the counsellor to extend their services and availability of times. It can also extend to a greater geographical area. Sometimes a client may find a face to face counselling inconvenient and uncomfortable especially if they are having problems with social phobias, are agoraphobic or have anxiety disorders.


Online counselling can be beneficial for both the counsellor and the client. When the counsellor can reduce overheads, the benefits can be passed on to the client by reducing the cost of counselling at this time. The aim of the Riverside is to always provide our services in the most cost-effective ways we can. Many Counsellors provide counselling because they want to help you. Most have faced difficult situations themselves and found mechanisms and techniques to help them move forward.

This is one of the reasons why our counsellors want to help you.

Our counsellors are sensitive to and respectful of your feelings and emotions. They will work with you to help you change the way you respond to, and overcome negative experiences; enabling you to move forward. Your counsellor will work with you, supporting you to develop the tools and self-awareness that will help you to cope with the challenges of everyday life.

Asking for Help

We are offering you the opportunity to have a telephone conversation with a Nottingham counsellor to gauge if counselling is something you’d like some help with. There is no pressure for you to decide there and then. In fact, we encourage you to take your time and you can ask as many questions as you wish.

Feel confident knowing that the Riverside online counselling team are qualified and experienced to support your emotional needs. If you are at home with children or living alone in isolation, we aim to offer accessible and affordable counselling support. This is an exceptional and difficult time that we are all experiencing.
Due to the coronavirus situation, we really want to help by offering concessionary terms for online counselling support to people who feel they especially need help and support at this time.

What to Do Next

You can download our FREE Self-Guidance Assessment to help you identify the need for online counselling.

Online counselling in Nottingham is provided by The Riverside Counsellors who are accredited by
The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy | BACP

Remember we are all in this together and we will find a way through, together.
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