Orthoptic Therapy Nottingham

Orthoptic Therapy Nottingham


Vision Therapy to Help Develop or Improve Visual Skills

Are you overusing your computer and other screen equipment?

Orthoptic Therapy Nottingham can help Computer vision syndrome (CVS) which  is caused by using your eyes to focus on your computer or other display screen equipment for long periods of time each day.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) is a device or equipment that has an alphanumeric or graphic display screen. It includes both conventional display screens, laptops, touch-screens and other similar devices.


How is Computer vision syndrome caused?

When you use or overuse your computer screens you may experience the following symptoms, aches, pains and discomfort to your head and/or neck including your eyes.

These symptoms can be aggravated further by incorrect lighting conditions (i.e. glare or bright overhead lighting) or air moving past the eyes (e.g. overhead vents, direct air from a fan).

Your two eyes are meant to work together as a pair to maintain single vision.  The muscles inside and outside of your eyes, constantly work together, to maintain this action.

Sight is only one aspect of maintaining single vision however; other muscles also contribute to seeing clearly and can become over tired. Therapy to the muscles of the eyes can alleviate ongoing symptoms by an eye care health professional.

When you’re frequently looking at screens it requires repetitive movements. Focusing on the screen, then looking down at paperwork and then having to return to look back at the screen to continue typing and complete the task.

Looking at images requires a lot of effort from your eye muscles. The muscles inside and outside of your eyes are constantly working hard to make sure you see the images clearly.

An average user looks at their device 85 times in one day. The findings were taken from Nottingham Trent University Research:


Orthoptic Therapy NottinghamWhat are the symptoms of CSV?

Blurred vision, eye strain, tiredness, discomfort, headaches, double vision, dry eyes, irritated eyes, infrequent double vision, neck pain, back ache, eyes look red.

When you are accessing information on the move via a screen such as films, gaming and messaging it is advised or suggested that you do the following:

Take regular breaks, reduce the amount of glare on the screen, adjust the monitor and blink frequently.

For many users, ongoing CVS symptoms may persist that can affect your performance at work and cause excessive eye strain which can lead to headaches and migraines. It can also be a cause of needing new prescription glasses each time your eye test is due.


What does Orthoptic Therapy Nottingham involve?

Orthoptic Therapy Nottingham is carried out by an Orthoptist who is a fully qualified Health Professional. They are key members who work closely with Consultant Ophthalmologists and Optometrists.

Orthoptic Therapy or vision therapy as it is commonly referred to offers simple and bespoke exercises. The aim is to deliberately remove you from the device for a few minutes each time to alleviate symptoms and restore binocular vision.  Initially the exercises are supervised by the therapist and then carried out as instructed at home or at work.


When should I see an Orthoptic Therapist?

If you’re suffering with intermittent double vision, eye discomfort,  strain, difficultly in focusing, headaches/migraine occurred during the overuse of PCs, laptops, tablets, Smartphone or other Visual Display Units when you haven’t previously been treated for squint (eye turn) or received patching treatment as a child.


Is Orthoptic Therapy suitable for everyone?

Orthoptic Therapy is not suitable for everyone.  If squint surgery or treatment for lazy eye was received in childhood, it would be advisable to be referred to the hospital as the department will be better equipped to carry out a full assessment.


How many sessions are required?

Typically up to 3 sessions can see a great improvement in your visual wellbeing. An initial assessment with consultation and treatment is £45.

Follow up treatments for up to 30 minutes are £35. Sometimes a follow up appointment may take up to 45 minutes.

As with any regular health checks, such as your teeth, a regular eye examination is also required to make sure that your eyes are still healthy and any concerns are detected and treated sooner.

An up-to-date prescription for glasses or contact lenses (if any) and visual screening check is required before any exercises are offered.

Where are the services offered? The services can be offered at Riverside Natural Health Centre, at home, or in your workplace.

Nottingham Orthoptist, Dr Musarat E. Awan has extensive experience as a clinician, teacher, and researcher abroad and here in the U.K.

Her interest in amblyopia stemmed from her research in PhD studies to better understand issues relating to amblyopia treatment


What others are saying about Orthoptic Therapy Nottingham

“I could see a significant improvement. Certainly I do feel it is ‘me’ time and I’m doing something at work, otherwise, I would not find the time to come to you. Outcome: No headaches with visual therapy exercises and focusing for longer”   JA, Nottingham

“I really enjoyed the session. Dr Musarat is extremely friendly and helpful. She explains things so simplistically and is very patient” TB, Nottingham.

“Good maintenance and prevention of damage to eyes is essential and we don’t take this into consideration when we use VDUs all day” YH, Nottingham.

“Mazz (Dr Musarat) has made me understand how my eyes work more and how I can benefit in the future.  I have had fewer headaches” AO’M, Nottingham

“Excellent and amazed at the improvement since having Orthoptic Therapy Nottingham” DT, Nottingham

“This type of therapy was unknown to me and the benefits are there, as shown by my improvement record.  I will continue to exercise as the results have shown improvement” CW, Nottingham


Initial assessment with consultation and treatment, £45
Follow up treatments for up to 30 minutes, £35
Membership bodies: British and Irish Orthoptic Society Health Professions Council
Do you have a health care policy? Simplyhealth, AXA PPP and BUPA. Orthoptic Therapy may be listed.
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