Overcome Fear of Flying

How can I overcome my fear of flying?

The fear of flying is essentially a phobia. A phobia is an irrational fear of a certain object, a situation, or an activity. People with a fear of flying phobia ( flight phobics) are afraid to fly because they think that the plane will fall out of the sky. Some people become anxious about flying miles above the ground.

What triggers fear of flying?

A phobia of flying can be triggered by specific events such as news coverage of terrorism (9/11), plane crashes. You suddenly become aware of how vulnerable you are on a plane and begin to worry about it crashing. The more you worry, the more the irrational thought process takes over. You may have a fear of being trapped and not being able to get back to safety. A lot of people have this anxiety on a low level. The problem occurs when this anxiety gets out of control.

Fear of FlyingThe worry!

What essentially happens is the more you worry, the more you play out the scenario in your head. What you are really doing is giving your unconscious mind a reason to fear flying. Your subconscious mind gets the message and this is when the anxiety to the flying occurs.

Many people suffer from the second type of fear. They will admit that their phobia is irrational and has no logical basis. However, they are still powerless to overcome it.

Your subconscious mind has one job and that is to protect you from danger or the threat of danger.

However, it doesn’t have any logic, which is why you can have a phobia of a feather or of flying.

Of course, you can simply opt to avoid planes and keep your feet firmly on the ground and still get to where you want to go using other forms of transport.

I guess though, that you may have already booked your holiday and are dreading the flight. However, there is good news!

Can I overcome my fear of flying?

Yes you can. If you can play a mind negative tape again and again Your subconscious mind will begin to believe there is something to fear.

On the other hand if you play a positive mind tape then the opposite can happen and you can reduce the fear and even remove it. However, sometimes we need to keep some fear for purposes of survival and our survival instinct. A couple of sessions of hypnotherapy can help stop the fear of flying by changing your present fear of it into positive ones. Medical evidence suggests the best way of overcoming a fear of flying is to face it.

At the Riverside Natural Health Centre, Michele our resident hypnotherapist and life coach can help you overcome fear of flying.

She can help to remove the phobia by working with you and your subconscious mind which is where the irrational behaviour lives.

The sooner you address your fear of flying the sooner you can get back in control and take to the skies looking forward to your holiday instead of dreading it.

However, what works for some people may not work for others. Which is why we encourage you to have a chat with Michele over the telephone before any hypnotherapy session begins.

This can help you decide if you’d like to work with her and in turn, Michele can help you alleviate any fear about Hypnotherapy Nottingham

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