Sports Massage Nottingham

Sports Massage Nottingham

Sports Massage Therapy

Considering Sports Massage in Nottingham? Sports Massage or Sports remedial massage is not just for sports men and women, anyone can benefit from sports massage therapy. It is sometimes known as deep tissue massage. Do you suffer from: sciatica, migraines and headaches, shoulder or neck pain, upper and lower back pain, general aches and pains, emotional stress, muscle injuries?

Sports massage therapy does not follow a routine. Each treatment is individual to your needs using massage techniques applied by a qualified sports and remedial massage therapist, sometimes known as Remedial Soft Tissue Therapists.

Sport Remedial Massage NottinghamSports massage can help with the removal of waste products in your body and encourages your muscles to take up oxygen and nutrients which can help them to recover quicker. Tension and pain can be reduced, and in many cases aches and pains can be taken away altogether. Using trigger pointing and fascia releasing techniques alongside remedial massage, your therapist can help you to improve your mobility. Techniques used will help your body to release tension quickly which is why you can notice the benefits almost immediately.

As well as Sports remedial massage Nottingham. You may want to consider the benefits of a maintenance and support program which is designed to help improve and maintain movement range as well as help to prevent injuries.

Sports Massage Therapists Nottingham

There are three Sports Massage Therapists at The Riverside Natural Health Centre:

Doug Wroe is a very experienced and fully qualified sports massage therapist. He works with members of the public, professional sports people, celebrities, dancers and runners to help reduce and eliminate physical pain. He uses a variety of techniques to include osteopathic techniques to help improve mobility function and the management of injury. Doug also gives explanations on how the body interprets pain and shows you how you can help to prevent it occurring in the first place.

Doug Wroe is a member of The Association for Soft Tissue Therapists (SMA) & a Level 5 Professional Diploma in Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy.

Dalton Powell is fully qualified with several years’ experience in sports therapy and rehabilitation. He works with professional sports people as well as members of the public who experience day to day pain. He is also qualified in manual lymphatic drainage which helps to break up congestion build up in the body ie cellulite and fluid retention. Dalton uses many varied techniques to help with muscle healing in his treatments.

Remedial Massage can help with the following: musculoskeletal problems, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, work related injuries. Back and neck and posture related issues.

Remedial massage may not be suitable if an injury has happened to you within 72 hours. Any inflammation may need some time to reduce. Having said this, treatment can still be given to other areas of your body to help with general conditioning. It’s worth remembering that sports remedial massage Nottingham should play an important part in your life if you value your movement whether you are injured or not. Massage has a number of benefits, physical, physiological and psychological.

Dalton Powell is a member of the National Association of Massage & Manipulative Therapists (NAMMT) and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and is a Level 5 therapist.

Katie Price is a sports massage therapist with a level 3 diploma in sports massage therapy. She also holds a Bachelor of Science with second class honours division one in Sports Rehabilitation. She works with members of the public and both professional and unprofessional sports people
Katie has completed in gymnastics for 12 years which allowed her to compete all over Europe. In 2013, Katie qualified as a FA level 1 coach. This led her to travel to Uganda and Cape Town coaching football.

You may be able to claim your treatment costs back through your health scheme so it’s worth checking your policy.
To make an appointment and feel the benefit of sports massage therapy in Nottingham, you can find Doug Wroe and Dalton Powell at the Riverside Natural Health Centre, 1 – 3 Victoria Embankment, Nottingham, NG2 2JY (topknot building)

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Sports and Remedial Massage Treatment: £45 one hour
Qualified Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist in Nottingham who specialises in Soft Tissue Work
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Membership bodies include Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). Sports Massage Association (SMA) (Gold)

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