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Our sports massage service covers three main areas:

  • Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Maintenance work

Sports Massage And Deep Tissue Massage

Are you considering a Sports Massage or Deep Tissue massage? This massage suggests that it is only beneficial for sportsmen and women, this is not the case. Anyone can benefit from a sports remedial massage, as it is a massage that works deep into the muscles. It is sometimes known as deep tissue massage. Are you experiencing pain from sciatica, migraines, headaches, shoulder or neck pain, upper and lower back pain, general aches, and pains, emotional stress, or muscle injuries? this type of massage may be what you need.

Sports massage and deep tissue massage do not follow a routine. Each treatment is provided to an individual need, using massage techniques applied by qualified sports and deep tissue massage therapists. They can sometimes be known as remedial soft tissue therapists.

Sport Remedial Massage NottinghamIn addition, sports massage can help remove waste products in your body and encourage your muscles to take up oxygen and nutrients, this can help them recover much quicker. Tension and pain can be reduced, and in many cases, aches and pains can be taken away altogether. Using trigger pointing and fascia releasing techniques. Your therapist can help you to improve your mobility. Techniques used will help your body release tension quickly, so you can notice the benefits almost immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Help With Sciatica?

Sciatic is caused because of irritation to the sciatic nerve. Some common causes are tightness in the muscles to the lower back or buttocks. Some symptoms can produce lower back pain as well as pain in the buttocks. Other symptoms are shooting pain running down the leg and numbness or tingling in the leg and foot. When the muscles stiffen and tighten it can impinge on the sciatic nerve. A sports remedial massage can be an effective treatment to loosen the muscles and reduce impingement. Early intervention can reduce muscular stiffness and help prevent it from producing chronic pain.  Your therapist can also give you exercises to do at home to help with the condition.

Can Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Help With Tendinitis?

The cause of tendonitis can be unknown. It can be caused by strain, overuse, or too much exercise. It is the swelling of the tendon which is the thick cord that attaches the muscle to the bone. It can also be related to a disease. Sports remedial massage can help with the pain and speed up the recovery. Tendonitis can take weeks to heal. Massage can help relax and strengthen the inflamed area and give a better chance of recovery.

Can Sports Massage or Deep TissueHelp With Arthritis?

Sports remedial massage can help relieve the pain associated with arthritis. It can help improve circulation and help to reduce inflammation. By improving the circulation and blood flow to the arthritic joints it can help to improve movement and reduce pain.

What Should I Wear for My Sports Massage Treatment?

It doesn't really matter what you wear. You may be required to remove some articles of clothing so that the therapist can administer massage oil to the affected areas. This will help the therapist to glide over the skin in order to help the muscles relax. Your therapist will always try to preserve your modesty by draping towels over the areas where they are not working.

Sports Massage Maintenance and Support Program

In addition to your sports massage, you may want to consider the benefits of a maintenance and support program. It can be beneficial to have a course of treatment when a chronic condition is presented. We offer discounted treatment packages to help you achieve maximum benefit. It can be helpful to improve and maintain your range of movement in general, as well as help to prevent injuries.

Another bonus of this massage is that you may be able to claim your treatment costs back through your health insurance scheme. It's worth checking out what your policy covers.

Make an appointment with one of our sports and remedial therapists and find out for yourself how this treatment could be very beneficial for you and your circumstances.


The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to Cure, Diagnose, or Treat any specific illness and/or condition. Please contact a healthcare professional or our staff if you have any concerns.

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